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So you find the perfect piece, you prepped your piece, you picked your favorite Fusion Mineral Paint color.  So do you need a top coat? The ultimate guide – How to choose a topcoat will cover that and if water-based or oil-based is best for your project. Let’s dive in and find out which fusion topcoats are best for your project.

Do I need fusion topcoats?

After applying Fusion on most projects that you complete around your home, you will not need an additional topcoat. There are a few exceptions, for high traffic areas such as kitchen or dining tables, dressing table tops and coffee tables too. Anywhere you think will get extra wear and tear adding a top coat will give your paint finish longevity. Jennylyn uses the analogy of when you get your nails painted. The polish will last just a little longer and give your manicure some added protection when you apply a topcoat.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when choosing your topcoat. What the projects will be used for and what sort of look do you want? Answering these questions will give you a much better idea of the topcoat best suited to your project. Your paint colour will also have to be taken into consideration when choosing. Below is a graph showing you the different types of topcoats we have and their properties.

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